Mindful Youth

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This beautifully-illustrated introduction to meditation and mindfulness for families includes 100+ lessons and a Tibetan bell sound. With lessons ranging in tone from silly to serious, this app is designed for families who want to share in the process of self discovery by learning and practicing these techniques together.

The energetic and often funny illustrations in this app are designed to engage children and young adults who would not typically seek mindfulness training. Play is an integral part of cognitive development and a healthy life, and it makes sense to experience a full spectrum of mental states while learning and practicing mindfulness.

A lifelong meditation and mindfulness practice is a system of discovery - not control. By gradually increasing self-awareness rather than trying to control others, we are able to know and accept ourselves as we are and create a beautiful life with the resources that we have. With family as sangha (meditation community), we have extra support and insight on this journey. We all possess different types of wisdom at every age so parents, don't be surprised if your children end up teaching you!

*Huge thanks* to app developer Andis Blukis and his team at Rhyme & Reason for making this mindfulness concept an affordable tech resource for families.

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